Esho Ma Reviewed in Himalayan Heritage Magazine

The Editors of Himalayan Heritage Magazine (click here) have reviewed Naren's new CD,EshoMa, which was Sangita Yoga's first album project. For those interested in India's sacred traditions, spirituality and saints, we highly recommend a subscription.  Here are some excerpts from the review:  

"Naren K. Schreiner is the most authentic singer of traditional Bengali bhajans and kirtan from the west I have ever heard. His vocal expressions are certainly on par with Vaiyasaki Das, who for many years traveled extensively with two Vaishnava kirtan sampradayas in rural Bengal. Naren, on the other hand, has followed in footsteps of the great poet-saints of Bengal who were ecstatic devotees of the Divine Mother. His beautiful CD is an impressive initial offering by a devotee who lives the spiritual life himself, first and foremost.

... Esho Ma is extremely well produced, with a 16-page booklet that includes the lyrics in Bengali script, transliteration, and a full translation of each selection. (provided courtesy of Lopamudra Bose). Naren says, “The songs were carefully chosen and numbered to tell of the devotee’s journey.”  Musicianship is stellar, with hauntingly beautiful sarangi played by renowned Pankaj Mishra, and Adi Keshava Das on khol (mridanga)."