A New Year's Resolution: Hanuman Chalisa

Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolutions can be daunting. I used to make radical spiritual resolutions that resulted in stress and pressure. Eventually I figured out how to make resolutions a wonderful inspiration and focus in my life, rather than a stressful set-up for failure. 

One year I decided to make a very attainable resolution in the spiritual side of my life: learn the Sri Hanuman Chalisa with devotion and authentic pronunciation (rather than a "gringo" accent). It change my life. I had a whole year to learn it, so there was no pressure. I took my time and savored it.

Perhaps you want to try it out and embark on the journey of learning this sacred chant...

Our free online course is designed not only for beginners, but also for those who already know the Chalisa and want to deepen their practice and perfect their pronunciation.

If you think this is for you, sign up here. It's easy, free, and there's no commitment. 

Sri Hanuman is the embodiment of pure devotion. From this devotion springs an immense strength, humility and faith. He is the ideal disciple of his Lord, Sri Rama. Every fiber of Hanuman's being is so permeated with divine love for Sri Rama that anytime and anywhere the name of Sri Rama is chanted, Hanuman is ever present there. This endearing quality is what devotees and yogis wish to have for their own Ishta-devata (one's chosen ideal or aspect of the Divine).

For centuries, devotees striving to emulate the qualities of Hanuman's devotion have invoked his blessings by chanting the Sri Hanuman Chalisa. This sacred text was composed by the saint-poet, Goswami Tulasi Das in 16th century India. The text consists of 40 glorious verses that describe the various attributes and accomplishments of Sri Hanuman. Countless devotees have recited these sacred verses to gain the strength, courage and blessing that is needed to cross the mysterious ocean of life and strive for moksha (liberation).

This New Year, see if your heart is nudging you to join the group of sincere seekers who have taken up the challenge of learning and deepening their practice of this beloved scripture. Experience for yourself the strength and divine love that awakens within you when you lose yourself in the chanting of the Chalisa. The blessings that flow from worshipful singing are beyond description. With heartfelt practice, you will become one who lights a flame of hope and happiness in all that cross your path.

We are grateful to be able to bring this learning course to all of you free of charge, as a gift from our hearts.

Bolo Bajarangabali Hanuman Ki Jai!

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