Individual Lessons


Individual Lessons

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Choose the expression of sacred music that appeals to you...

In India, sacred music has been considered a form of yoga, a way for the soul to unite with Spirit. We are dedicated to helping you bring this music into your life. We will nurture your hidden musical abilities and introduce you to new facets of music that will enrich your life and your devotion to the Divine. 


Experience the joy of singing to the Divine through our lessons in vocals and harmonium. Inspired by India’s mystics, saints and avatars, a vast array of devotional songs (bhajan) and group chants (kirtan) thrives in the hearts of devotees throughout the world. Join them and learn the art of devotional singing. It is a transforming way of love.

Instructor: Naren K. Schreiner

Sanskrit Chanting

Learn to chant from India's spiritual scriptures and feel a new grace flow into your life and sadhana (spiritual practice). Sanskrit is widely regarded as the oldest and most divine language in the world. India’s holy texts contain Sanskrit verses (slokas), mantras and prayers (stuti) that are chanted for contemplation, instruction and adoration. You will learn pronunciation and intonation of verses such as: Brahmanandam (Guru Gita), Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu, Purnamadah Purnamidam, Asato Ma Sadgamaya, Nirvana Shatakam, Devi Pranam, and others.

Instructors: Naren K. Schreiner, Lopamudra Bose


India has developed magnificent instruments that match the versatility and richness of vocal expression. Rhythm (tala) is extremely important in India. The Cosmic Dancer, Lord Nataraj, and the mridanga drum of Lord Ganesh, tell of the divine role that rhythm plays in creation. The ebb and flow of Nature is rhythmic, like the very beat of our hearts. The tabla drum of North India is known worldwide as one of the most expressive drums. Cymbals have been used to accompany kirtan and devotional songs for centuries. The harmonium is of European origin, but has become the ideal instrument for anyone, from India or the West, to accompany vocal Indian music. We teach tabla for beginners, harmonium, tanpura and cymbals for both classical and devotional music. Contact us for referrals to teachers of other instruments.

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